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What is your pathway?


Which Path is Right for YOU

At Pathways Academy we understand that each of our students is on a different journey. We can help you get wherever you want to go with a variety of different programs. 



eCampus is an accredited online American school that offers flexible, customizable education for grades K-12 students in partnership with the Watertown School District, Wisconsin. Students receive comprehensive education, including AP courses, personalized learning plans, pacing guides, and proctored exams. eCampus provides unlimited courses for a single tuition, asynchronous coursework, and experienced teachers and  staff.


College Guidance

Ever thought about college in Europe? We help students explore academic and career opportunities, navigate the college application process, and make informed decisions about their future. University in the  EU and UK is high quality at a fraction of the US price.  Guidance comes included in your eCampus membership or can be purchased a-la-carte.  Let us help you find the program that is perfect for you.

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