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About Us

School from almost anywhere in the World

Remote schooling offers a myriad of joys and benefits that have revolutionized the traditional school landscape. Embracing the freedom of remote school, one can relish the joy of flexibility and autonomy. The ability to design a personalized school environment, whether it's a cozy home office or a serene outdoor setting, brings a sense of comfort and control. The absence of daily commutes eliminates the stress of rush hour, allowing more time for cherished activities and fostering a healthier school-life balance. Remote schooling also opens doors to global connections, transcending geographical boundaries and enabling collaboration with diverse teams. With the power to shape their school day, remote schoolers find an increased sense of productivity, fulfillment, and happiness, ultimately experiencing the sheer joy of embracing a new way of schooling.


At Pathways Academy, you become part of a new global community of distance learners who are passionate about exploring the world while pursuing their education. By joining our community, you gain access to a diverse network of students who are all connected through a common educational platform. If there are other students in your area the forums section will allow you to form your own learning groups.


One of the unique benefits of joining our community is the opportunity to connect with like-minded students and form academic social support networks. Through the online Forum you can meet other students who might be in your area or in areas to which you travel. The forum can allow you to create your own learning pod that can enable you to create a local hub and  provide a valuable space for collaboration, where you can school alongside fellow students who share your educational goals. By studying together, you can share insights, exchange ideas, and support each other's academic journey.


We understand that a conducive learning environment is essential for optimal productivity. That's why we empower you with the freedom to choose your own learning location. Whether you prefer the ambiance of a quiet café, the resources of a local library, or the collaborative atmosphere of a shared workspace, you have the flexibility to select a setting that aligns with your preferences and promotes focus.


For those who have already established their own learning groups, we offer the opportunity for collaborative engagement. We recognize the power of collective learning and provide discounted plans to support your group's educational pursuits, fostering a sense of teamwork and shared achievement.


Pathways Academy when combined with eCampus is always available to help support your educational needs with a host of support including academic monitoring with early intervention to help students be successful in their current grade as well as included EU and UK College Guidance counseling to prepare students for admission requirements and acceptance into Universities that meet their long term goals.


Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a supportive and inclusive community that not only facilitates effective learning but also encourages collaboration and enhances the overall educational experience for all our members. Join us at Pathways Academy and embark on a transformative journey of education, exploration, and personal growth.

Our Story

We’re an expat family from the U.S . We began home educating our kids over 10 years ago when we realized our award winning system wasn’t meeting the needs of our neuro divergent son . He was highly curious about many subjects and not geared to sit in a traditional school setting where learning was limited to specific subjects. We explored many options and curriculums and classes over the years. Travel was always a huge part of our educational method and access to more structured education became more challenging as the kids got older and needed more specific classes for the university pathways they were on. We looked for options but struggled to find the right fit for our mobile family. This is where this website and platform originated.

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